Somewhere deep in the digital caverns of the hinterlands of the 'Net there lies a small cave system, inhabited by a venerable dragon many years in age. While many dragons are rumored to hoard gold, and gems, and other such precious things, this wyrm hoards something much different. In the recesses of this digital lair lie thick tomes filled with gaming wisdom, anecdotes about past games, manipulations to the rules of different systems, and resources for Game Master and player alike.

Of course, no collection of knowledge is ever complete, and so this ancient wyrm still eagerly collects knowledge he lacks, adding it to his stores as he goes - and unlike many of his kind, he freely shared his gathered wisdom with all visitors, no matter their nature or purpose, asking only that they share what wisdom they have in turn, that all might benefit from it.

As a notice to any, and I mean ANYONE interested in a unique and spectacular roleplaying game, go check out Talislanta - believe me, this game is MORE than worth it.

A Request From The Webmaster
If anyone visiting here wishes to contribute to anything - from the Pantheons, Magic Items, and NPCs to the Necromancer List - feel free to contact me. I give full credit to anyone who contributes, and as long as it doesn't involve doing anything illegal, I'm happy to host things designed by other people. So feel free to contact me as illuminatusprimus2000 on Yahoo Messenger.

Updates this last eon or so:

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