The Pantheon of the Planes

Who's Who of the Deities

Many game systems have priests who devote themselves to mighty gods; our fantasy settings are no different, and we've made our own pantheon, rather than having just one 'mighty force' or using generic gods of no real interest save as a source of power. Here, then, are the gods we've created - feel free to borrow them, but if you do, give us credit.

The War of Roses

Utena - the Sword of Revolution, and the ultimate planar guardian.
Anthy - the sister of Akio and beloved of Utena, seeking to nurture life in the planes and protect the worlds from her brother.
Akio - the Defiler of Roses, intent on seizing the power of eternity.
Demigods - Less than full gods, these forces are still players in the Rose War.

The Elemental Gods

Arathena - the Eye of the Storm, the cruel goddess of the Plane of Air. Created by Siren.
Celera - The Life Bringer, ruler of the Positive Elemental Plane. Created by Siren.
Triumvarte of Water, the tri-fold goddess of the Plane of Water. Created by Siren.
Kestreth - The Heart of the Mountain, the eternal Lord of the Plane of Earth. Created by Siren.
Jobrill - Lord of the Dead, and ruler of the Negative Elemental Plane. Created by Siren.
Zevarith - The Dancing Flame, the mighty ruler of the Plane of Fire. Created by Siren.

Gods of Mortals

Eriol - Lord of Steel, the patron god of Valor.
Tyrin - Dark Lord of Iron, the vicious god of War, and counterpart to Eriol.
Dolmar - The Weeping God, forever lost in his own misery and pain.
Kithra - The Radiant Queen, forever lost in her own beauty and perfection.
Dogh - The Merchant King, lord of commerce, trade, and the art of making a fortune.

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