Wisdom of the Die

Excerpts and comments from games

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (That's 2nd Edition, people...)
Village Raid
The Night of the Kobolds
The Charismatic Cleric
Pathetic "Boss" battle #1
Pathetic "Boss" battle #2

Dungeons and Dragons - 3rd Edition (Yes, this includes "3.5")
And you call yourself a cleric!?
Extra Crispy Evil
The Combustible Wild Mage - contributed by DPark063082@aol.com

White Wolf (This includes Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, and all the rest)
Antediluvian, Interrupted
Silent Wolf

The Ultimate Critical Failure - contributed by Pandemona

GURPS (The greatest sourcebooks in the world!)
Building Yourself

Rifts (Powergamer and Twink wet dream)
Damn Hot Chili

Phoenix MUCK (A place I used to frequent)
Don't Illuminate and Drive
Don't Taunt the Wizard
Slayers Gone Wrong

CyberFUDGE (a mutation of the FUDGE system)

Nethack (arguably the greatest computer game ever)
Yet Another Funny Message(s)

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