Magical Things Galore

A collection of items, spells, and alterations

Every fantast game tends to involve magic in some way, whether it happens to be as minor as a handful of weird races like elves, dwarves, orcs, and kobolds, or as grandoise as the party getting equipped with ancient artifacts and potent archmage spells. Magic is part of what defines fantasy; take it away and you you have Historical Gaming or a What If game. And so, in this section, the treasures of magic will be collected. Magical items, artifacts, spells both arcane and divine, and possible rule tweaking all neatly sorted. Of course, submissions are welcome, and even encouraged; unless something painfully offends my sense of balance, I'll gladly post it.
And now, on to the real meat of this page.

Magical Items

Magical Spells

There's always something about doing things the Official Way that rubs someone the wrong way. Whether it's them wanting to play a cold mage and not having any cold spells, or wanting to be an arcane healer, there's always someone who wants to bend and warp the rules to do something not originally intended. Here are comments, ideas, and possible rules to handle these peculiar people who just want to be unique, without breaking the game too badly.

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