The Archive of NPCs

Good games generally involve interesting and unusual NPCs to help move things along, but there are times when you've either tapped out designing the rest of the adventure, you're too busy to provide any detail to what could be an otherwise fascinating character, or your players know you entirely too well and can predict your NPCs in advance. Times like these are the bane of GMs everywhere, but thankfully there are online archives of NPCs to help with this problem. This one is no exception, of course. Welcome to the Dragon Den's holding pens of NPCs. Help yourself.

Townsfolk - these are the peasants who populate the towns and farm so the PCs don't have to.
Merchants - from thin, reedy penny-pinchers to bloated and obese merchantmasters, these are the folks with the coin and the gear.
Nobility - from jolly barons and scheming dukes to aloof kings and wise (or unwise) emperors, these people rule the land for good or ill.
Vagabonds - rovers, nomad, wanderers... From sly gypsyfolk to travelling bards, mercenaries, and fellow adventurers, the roads are home to these people.
Monsters - sometimes you just need something more than 'Zog see human! Zog smash human!' for a monster...
Oddities - Unique, one-of-a-kind creatures can always add spice, from the sentient golem to the shapeshifting muse...

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