Stat Modifications

Ever wondered why a high Strength meant you got to hit better, or why a priest always knows his god's spells but a wizard's magic never fails? So have we. And we've come up with a few rule modifications, to make things a bit more sensible - and to make it so wizards aren't quite so screwed over at low level. After all, if all you can manage is one little Magic Missile, you're not gonna be much use during an adventure, are you?

First major change: ditch the Hit Probability modifier off of Strength, and apply the Missile Attack modifier from Dex to melee as well. Face it - a higher Dex says, 'Look! I have such coordination that I can skewer a fly throuh this falling doughnut without touching the doughnut!', where a higher Strength just says, 'Ugh. Me Grog! Me like make things go smash!'
With this modification, the 'subtle knife' of the thief becomes much moe effective, and fighters - who should already have been agile - find it quite possibly better to have a high Dexterity to hit things with than a high Strength to make things break.

The next modification is to the Wisdom stat. Why can even the densest priest understand the holy power of their god, when a wizard of with an Int score that matches the priest's Wisdom has a good chance of botching his ability to ever cast a Grease or Fireball spell?
The modification: A priest should check his Wisdom against the Intelligence table for his chance to learn a spell. So a priest with a 9 Wisdom only has a thirty-five percent chance of being wise enough to handle the power his god offers, while an 18 Wisdom allows him to understand and use it 85% of the time. A proper reward for being a wise priest.

Next up: Giving low-level mages a little extra punch without imbalancing their power at higher levels.
The modification: Match a wizard's Int score against the Bonus Spell column on the Wisdom chart; the amount listed in that slot is the number of extra spell levels a wizard has access to per day. So a 13 Int wizard has access to one extra spell level - enough to throw another Charm Person - where an 18 Int wizard has 4 extra levels per day - enough to pitch a Fireball and a Jump, or throw two more Continual Lights, or any combination that equals four spell levels. Of course, you can only cast the same level of spell as usual - so a first-level wizard with an 18 Int would simply have access to five first level spells, rather than just one. Sensible, that a smarter wizard would have an edge in the field, right?

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