The Beastiary

In this section, you will find a beastiary of creatures devised and created by those who feel the need to bring a new kind of monster to the game, to confuse and worry the jaded and to delight those who live for the rush of battle. From the simple and sweet to the terrifying abominations of madness, they end up scribed in here...

The City by the Silver River, Tarra-Lin
A city so great that the entire prime world is named after it; that is Tarra-Lin, the City of Traders. Each of the noble Houses has a peculiar take on their idea of an army, however, and so strange abominations can often be found slinking through the city slums or wandering the catacombs and sewers beneath the city proper. Here are some of the beasts the the City...
Gear Crabs
Silver Wolves

Extraplanar Entities
Some think that only demons, angels, gods, and elementals live beyond the Primes. Not so - and here are some examples to prove it.
Elemental Shades

The Undead
Shambling abominations wholly apart from life and the living world, these horrors thrive in places the living fear.
Moaning Wretch

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